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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Little Christmas Photo Shoot with Tinsley Harper

As promised, I am about to completely photo bomb you with pictures of Tinsley. Hope you don't mind.

I took these the day after we got home from the hospital and she was 4 days old. My older sister, Jenny, got her several little Christmas outfits and I wen't a little crazy!

Let's hope little Tinsley Harper likes photo shoots, cause there's gonna be a lot of them! 

{Kind of in love with this little smile!}

{This one makes me MELT!}

{Santa Baby!}

{Sweet little open eyes}

Thanks for letting me share! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of family, blessings, yummy food and LOVE! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

She's Here!

Our sweet baby girl, Tinsley Harper Hann, is here!

Tinsley Harper was born Monday, December 17th at 3:50PM. She weighs 6 lb 14oz, and she's 18 3/4 in long. 

Daddy and I are so proud to be this little girl's parents!! She is absolutely precious! The hospital did a little photo shoot the day after she was born and I was able to snap a pic on my phone. 

Tinsley is getting checked out right now, one last time before we leave the hospital. We cannot wait to get her home and start our life as a little family. 

I will be sure to overload you with photos when we get settled in at home and things calm down a little. I'll just leave you with one more little teaser. This was Tinsley's first nap with her baby blankie, Ellie.
I went "photo shoot" crazy with my phone. Hope this little one likes having her picture taken! :)
*Update* Here are some other photos of Tinsley: Christmas Photo Shoot

Friday, December 7, 2012

Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Ornaments

I'm getting really excited for Christmas this year for several reasons. First because we are welcoming our first baby into our lives this December and she will for sure be here by Christmas {thank you modern medicine!} Also, my side of the family is coming into Kansas City from Florida and Texas to spend Christmas with us and welcome new baby girl!

Another reason I'm excited is because this will be the first Christmas that Chris and I spend in our new house! So in my "spare" time, I have been hunting for good deals on new decorations.  I found some great new rustic stockings that I love and because they are all identical, I wanted to come up with a cute and inexpensive way to personalize them. I made these 4 initial monogramed stocking ornaments for less than  $9.00. You probably already have super glue and a sponge somewhere and everything else was super cheap!

Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Ornaments

What you need:
4 clay ornaments {found at Michael's}
4 letters, glitter already on them! {found at Michael's}
Martha Living Metallic Paint {Vintage Gold, Home Depot}
Super glue {any kind is fine, hot glue will also work}

The ornaments already had the red ribbon attached, so I untied them and set them aside.  If you can't find some with ribbon already, a spool of ribbon can be bought for less than $1 at a craft store. Use the sponge to paint on the metallic paint. You could also use a paint brush or even an old rag.

{Pregnant lady, hard at work! Oh, so this is what nesting feels like!}

Use the sponge to paint on the metallic paint. You could also use a paint brush or even an old rag. I painted the back first and let them dry completely. Then the I painted the front/top, then the sides. 

Once all the paint was completely dry, I put super glue on the back of each letter and centered them on just right and let the glue dry. Lastly, attach the ribbons back on and you're done.

If you've wondering why there are only three letters, that's because we are keeping baby's name a secret until she is born. Chris and I were driving his parents crazy over Thanksgiving by not putting the 4th letter on Babe's stocking. Chris came up with this genius move......I know, we're cruel. The 4th letter is hiding!

And the T? That's for Tucker!

We couldn't leave out our "first born!" Ha.

I was extremely happy with how these turned out and the whole project, including drying time in between, took less than an hour. Monograming can be pricy, and I didn't want to be tied down to one color of thread on the stockings forever, so this was my alternative. I just hung the ornaments over the stocking holder hooks and voila! Stocking ornaments!

Something like this would actually make a nice personalized, homemade gift for someone. For more homemade gift ideas, check out my Foodie Gifts page.

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